Micron helicopter Full-Scale simulator


Full-scale "Micron-3" simulator is specially designed for helicopter piloting initial training.

Simulator was originally created for initial training of pilots, development of skills and actions of a pilot in emergency situations. Even if the trainee doesn't have any experience and piloting skills, it becomes possible to fly up individually just after 15-20 minutes of training using this methodology. The simulator has minimum operating costs and at the same time ensures the trainee's and helicopter's safety maximally.

Simulator's technical characteristics allow its operation on unprepared conditionally flat surface. The Micron helicopter simulator has a simple and reliable construction and can be operated and maintained by personnel without special qualifications. 

The simulator could be easily disassembled and transported by car.

Please see detailed presentation in "ARTICLES".

Price for simulator (helicopter & platform) – started from 4,7 mln.RUR